Multiple Niches Ready for Your Project

Acorn comes with a utility first css structure which makes it easy to create new layouts for different contents. We have created four niche projects for your various needs and they contain over 150 pages.

We have also included Laravel and .Net5 versions as well as Html version.


We have created three different templates for your project needs. They all built on top of the same theme code and can be easily customized and extended.
It's also possible to move a whole page or part of a content from one project to another thanks to the utility first css structure.

Classic Dashboard

Good old admin template with lots of ui elements and external plugins as well as various pages.

Medical Assistant

Health and medical monitoring application for hospitals, doctors and patients.

Service Provider

Slick and compact version of the template that contains pages created for SAAS applications.

Elearning Portal

Offline and online learning system with pages for students, instructors, courses and education materials.

Ecommerce Platform

Useful layouts for tasks such as product&order management, shipping system and inventory tracking.

Starter Project

Seed version of the template with only two pages for vertical and horizontal menu.


While workin on Acorn, we wanted to create a template that we would like to use ourselves so we have created a list of priorities.
It should not be over complicated yet be rich in terms of features and should contain lots of content. It also should be easy to extend, look really nice and most importantly get the job done.

Multiple Concepts

Acorn has a standard admin dashboard with lots of ui elements and pages as well as additional niches which may suit your needs better.

E-commerce, e-learning and saas projects are included with the template and they extend the dashboard with extra content, pages and structures.

The niches comes within their own projects rather than a huge single package.

feature image
feature image

Mix and Match

The template comes with an extensive css utility which makes it quite easy to create content and move it around.

All the niche projects as well as the main one are built on top of the utility based css and therefore their content are interchangeable. To move a content block from one project to another would not require any css or image copying.

Lots of Components

Acorn has lots and lots of components, external plugins as well as custom created ones.

They are all styled and polished quite well to work with the multi color theme system of the template. Components don't strike as individual elements since we have made sure every little piece of the template is in harmony with the prime design.

feature image


In addition to Bootstrap components, we have styled and implemented lots of additional plugins.
Their style files are shared across the templates so it's quite easy to copy them from one project to another.


Contents of Acorn are made from reusable and customizable parts with css utilities, which means no hard-coded specific css.
This leads to very easy repurposing of the content blocks based on your project needs and creating new ones. You may check out interface and blocks pages to see them in action.


The template is created with javascript, sass and html but we have made it ready for two additional popular backend environments.
You may run the projects directly or implement parts of it to your on going projects.


Standard html template version that can be run directly from local file system(except for the ajax parts) or can be run in a server.


Laravel implementation of the template which can be run on your localhost with php artisan and can be served on any Php server.


This version can be served on a Windows and Linux server and can be fired on localhost via dotnet cli as well as dotnet run.


Acorn contains 5 different color palettes with light and dark versions.
All the theme properties are defined as a css variable so customizing is quite easy.